Steven serves as the Vicar at Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd in the Birmingham/Pelham area. Originally from Louisiana, where he taught music full time at a Christian school, he moved to Alabama to pursue graduate studies at Beeson Divinity School, where he graduated with an M.Div. in 2016. He hopes to develop a greater understanding of the sacraments and liturgy, and how it all works together to foster a greater humanity among the Christian community. He lives in Birmingham with his wife Sarah who blogs at A Small Church Musician.

The blog is named for the Sarum Rite, an English liturgy from Salisbury that dates to the 11th century. It was based on extant Norman, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon liturgies. In the 16th century Thomas Cranmer drew heavily from the Sarum Rite when he enshrined England's worship in the Book of Common Prayer. Steven has been, and continues to be, spiritually formed in this rich English tradition.

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