Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Lord's Prayer, Part 1

The Lord's Prayer has been apart of the Church’s worship since its inception. The Didache, a 1st century Christian document (meaning it very well may be as old as the Gospel of John!), teaches that it is proper that the Lord’s Prayer be prayed three times per day. Because we pray it every day as a discipline of our personal prayer life, and because we pray it collectively as part of our liturgical worship on the Lord’s Day, we should understand it!

There are seven petitions in the prayer: the first half focus our attention on the object of our worship: God. In light of what we profess about God in the first half, we then in the second half of the prayer ask God to intercede in our life through his provision and protection. Tonight, we shall look at the first three phrases of the Lord’s Prayer: 1) Our Father; 2)Who art in heaven; 3) Hallowed by thy name.